Browse our selection of exclusive webcams in the Boundary Waters, Ely and surrounding areas. you can also watch live video from the North American Bear Center and Wolf Center located in Ely, Minnesota. Ely webcams are provided through sponsors at local outfitters, businesses and personal residences, so please help support them for their generosity. Some webcams cover the Boundary Waters, others are Ely and surrounding lakes or attractions. We are constantly working to add new webcams of the BWCA and surrounding areas so please check back. If you would like to feature your webcam on our site, please contact us.

If you don't have a webcam, but would like to get one setup and be featured on, please contact us so that we may assist you. We love our hometown in the northwoods and enjoy sharing it with as many people as we can, webcams are a great way to do this and keep people connected to Ely and the BWCA even when you can't be here. We hope you enjoy. Ely, the last great pure experience!


North-American-Bear-Center-Webcam-Ely-MNBear Center Pond Cam (Live Video)

The North American Pond Cam is one of our most popular webcams in the Ely Area. The bears often enjoy playing at the North American Bear Center just outside of Ely on Hwy 169. Ted, Honey and Lucky roam around the observation area at the Bear Center and love interacting with eachother.

 Lily's Den Cam | Ted's Den Cam | Jewel's Den Cam


Wolf-Center-Den-Ely-WebcamWolf Watch Cam (Live video)

The International Wolf Center Den Cam is located at the Wolf Center in Ely Minnesota. It overlooks the Wolve Den.




Bear Center Observation Deck Pond Cam (Live Video)

This webcam sits on the North American Bear Center observation deck. It overlooks the deck and the observation area where Ted, Honey and Lucky frequently visit.



wolfretirementcam Wolf Center Retirement Webcam (Live Video)

Malik and Shadow, arctic subspecies of the gray wolf, were born May 8, 2000. Malik was the lowest ranking male in the Exhibit Pack. He was retired in September 2009, after aggression from Grizzer, the second ranking male, became too intense for Malik's physical safety. Shadow was retired in June, 2010, as he began show to signs of aging that resulted in testing from the younger wolves.


Moose-Lake-Ely-WebcamMoose Lake Webcam

The Moose Lake webcam overlooks Moose Lake in the BWCA and is one of the few webcams that can overlook the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. You can witness some beautiful lake views and sunsets from this Ely Webcam.



White-Iron-Lake-Resort-Webcam White Iron Lake Webcam

 The White Iron Lake Webcam is located at White Iron Beach Resort and overlooks the dock and White Iron Lake just outsite Ely. Enjoy watching boats head in and out with their catch of the day and ice fishing in the wintertime.



GEL-Shagawa-Dock-WebcamShagawa Lake Dock Cam

The Shagawa Lake Dock webcam is located at Grand Ely Lodge in Ely Minnesota and overlooks the dock on Shagawa Lake.



Shagawa Lake Webcam Shagawa Lake Webcam

This camera is located at Grand Ely Lodge and overlooks Shagawa Lake in Ely Minnesota, one of the towns most popular fishing lakes and a beautiful destination for swimming and family fun.



sheridan webcamSheridan St. Downtown Ely Webcam

Located in downtown Ely Minnesota, this webcam looks up Sheridan Street.



whitesidepark Whiteside Park Webcam

Located across the street from Whiteside Park, this camera covers the Blueberry Arts Festival, Harvest Moon Festival and the Ely Winter Festival, check back often for all the different events.



Birch Lake Webcam Birch Lake Webcam

Located at River Point Resort in Ely, MN. The Birch Lake webcam overlooks Birch Lake from River Points resort.

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